Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boisterous Bobolink

Boisterous Bobolink by JKissnHug
Boisterous Bobolink, a photo by JKissnHug on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
We hiked around Wetzel State Recreation Area, enjoying the chipping song of the abundant Savannah Sparrows, discovered a Marsh Wren (lifer) singing his gurgling song in the pond reeds, marveled at the Forster's Terns diving acrobatic flights and were greeted by a boisterous Bobolink upon entering his chosen habitat.

We spent a long time watching this male Bobolink putting on a display of song and distracting flight to hold our attention away from a female Bobolink and nestlings a few yards away in the high grassland. She made a brief appearance with a dragonfly in her mouth and a quick diving flight into her nest area. She peaked out a few more times from the high grasses to watch us, watching her. What a delightful encounter with the Bobolink pair at Wetzel State Recreation Area.

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Julie G. said...

Janet, a most lovely post! It's written beautifully. Terrific image too! Sounds like a most delightful experience.