Monday, March 9, 2009

Saying So Long to Winter

After enduring this unusually cold and snowy winter season, I am ready to say hello to spring. During the last few weeks, I noticed the birds have started to ramp up their voices and join the spring chorus that precludes the mating season. The sun's rays are brighter and the days are getting longer. It is time to rejoice the changing of the season. Brighter and warmer days are ahead and the time of spring renewal is just a few weeks away.

Here in the recession plagued State of Michigan, we need a feeling of optimism to keep our spirits buoyed during such difficult economic times. We must stay positive and be confident and have faith we will rebound for better days are ahead. Getting outdoors and breathing the fresh air and feeling the sun on your face cures the winter blues.

On a recent adventure to Robert H. Long Park in Commerce Twp., MI, I had the pleasure of photographing several Hooded Mergansers stopping by on their way to their summer breeding grounds. Also, flushed from the cattails, was the first Red Wing Blackbird of the season. The robins were singing in the distant tree and the geese are setting up territories on the lake. I saw my first flying insects of the season today. The arrival of the Redwing Blackbird is my barometer of when the spring season is ready to emerge.

The calendar says we are still in winter, but my heart is saying spring is here. The temperatures were in the high forties with late day sunshine. I know we are not finished with snow on the ground, but the signs are around that winter is giving way to the spring season. Like this recession that doesn't seem to end, this winter has been prolonged and very brutal to our psyche. There are signs of nature's renewal, take a moment to stop and listen for it will surely brighten your mood and get you heading in the path of optimism.

Happy Spring,