Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loving The Sprinkler

Loving The Sprinkler by JKissnHug
Loving The Sprinkler, a photo by JKissnHug on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The young Baltimore Orioles enjoyed the water from the sprinkler as it soaked their feathers and cooled them off.

We are in the midst of a summer heat wave in Michigan and the shrubs, trees and grass needed a good sprinkling, so I got out the sprinkler and turned on the water. Within a few minutes, I had the backyard birds arriving to take advantage of the cool spray of water enveloping the thick shrub cover in my backyard.

This is a Baltimore Oriole fledgling that is learning to shower within the shrubs as the water from the sprinkler soaks the greenery. This youngster along with his/her two brood mates learned to shower within the shrubs on this hot steamy day in July. Mom also joined in the action, teaching them to take advantage of the shrub cover and a good first bath of their young lives.

The shadowy look on the photo is the actual water spraying in the air. It is diffused by the camera lens aperture.


John S. Mead said...

Great shot! I want to go out & play in the sprinkler!

How I have missed your blog I do not know, but it's now on my blogroll!

Julie G. said...

Fantastic image, Janet! Love this! What a fun sight that must have been for you. I know this oppressive heat is supposed to continue throughout the week. I hope the orioles can play in the sprinkle water often.