Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pileated Woodpecker - Female

Via Flickr:
I am so excited! I finally got my Pileated Woodpecker photo at the Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary. I was out in the woods looking for warblers and kept hearing a very loud woodpecker, that sounded slightly different than a Northern Flicker. I thought, this looks like good habitat for a Pileated, when I saw it fly through the treetops. I waited and listened, and it landed in the tree above my head, giving me a few moments to try and get a photo for the record books. Although, this female is high in the trees, I am just as pleased to get a precious photo of this spectacular woodpecker.

I have been in pursuit of a photo for a couple of years, now. I have not had the opportunity to have one perch close enough for a photo. It was a fantastic day in the woods for me!