Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Breasted Nuthatches ..... Everywhere!

In my backyard, suddenly I have a few new winter migrants who have chosen my backyard as their favorite, and, hopefully, winter feeding grounds. It all started with some fellow birding people mentioning them appearing in SE Michigan. This started about a month ago. I went listening for them, because listening is easier at first than looking for them. Just ask any birder. Listen first and then look. Well to my delight and surprise, my backyard has been chosen as a favorite feeding spot for this group of winged travelers. I have at least two Red Breasted Nuthatches, and possibly more. When they start chattering to one another, it is hard distinguish how many there are making their cute nasal "yank... yank" sound. These birds are tiny, and very quick to grab a seed and fly off to God knows where to store his stash. These birds compete with the White Breasted variety, and all of the other much larger birds at the feeder. They are very bold and very comfortable with me in the backyard. They will let me walk within a few feet of the feeders to get a look at them. They are absolutely cute and beautiful little birds. I am so thrilled to have them as my temporary guests, and bring along some of your other friends from the north country - Purple Finches, Common Redpolls and a few Pine Siskins sure would be welcome in my backyard, too. Come on down, the weather is fine, and the food supply is a smorgasbord for your delight.

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Laura said...

I have noticed some red breasted nuthatches around my feeders as well! Hard to tell how many there are because they are so quick. I too have been able to get very close to them--in fact, while my hand was on the feeder to check the seed level, one flew to the feeder, got a seed and then flew to the top of the feeder pole for a second. They are so adorable! Love your pictures too!