Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching A Few Zzzzs

Catching A Few Zzzzs by JKissnHug
Catching A Few Zzzzs, a photo by JKissnHug on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I encountered this male Sandhill Crane while out walking the trails at Kensington Metropark. I watched him as he preened and occasionally nibbled at insects on the ground. What was very surprising when he closed his eyes and took a brief nap while I sat and watched from a few feet away. Here he is catching a few Zzzzs, as I calmly took his photo.


Kerri said...

A WONDERFUL capture!!

dAwN said...

Awwww! Love this.

Julie G. said...

Fantastic! A lovely capture of a bird at peace.