Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snowy Owl - Harrison Twp

Snowy Owl - Harrison Twp by JKissnHug
Snowy Owl - Harrison Twp, a photo by JKissnHug on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A birder friend sent me a tweet about a Snowy Owl he spotted on a business along South River Road in Harrison Twp. I sent him a message back and he said there was a possible second owl on a house just down the street. I was extremely excited to hear about a Snowy Owl in the area. This would be a life bird for me. After a short debate with myself, I grabbed my camera gear, binoculars and headed out to Harrison Twp. in hopes of finding at least one of the owls. I got out to the location and immediately found the owl on the top of the business and took several photos from the ground. I watched the bird until it flew to the east and landed on a house across the canal. I then drove east toward the DNR boat launch and spotted a Snowy Owl on the rooftop of a house down the street from the business. I met up with my friend to say thank you and introduce myself in person. We chatted a short bit about birding at Metro Beach and Harrison Twp. He then headed back home and I went back to the S. River Road house to get these shots which were much closer and from a better vantage point. I only saw one owl, but it sure was worth the 90 mile round trip from Commerce Twp.

Getting this bird on my life list makes up for missing the White-winged cross bills and Northern Shrike at Indian Springs Metropark (just a few miles away from my house).


Dawn Fine said...

Congrats! Great shot!

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

Congrats on your lifer sighting! Your series on flickr is wonderful :)