Thursday, November 18, 2010

November's Quiet Solitude

November is an interesting month, a month of change and of giving thanks, also a month where we tidy up after a growing season and prepare for dormancy and hibernation. The leaves have left their companions and are settling onto the ground below with the last burst  of autumn color dotting the landscape. The seasons are in a state of battle with the last warm breezes ceasing to the intruding cold winds of the north. The birds of summer have left their summer nesting grounds to the balmy warmth of the southern climate.

The month of November also leaves a lasting beauty with the natural shapes and woven creations left by the remnants of summer reeds, grasses, wildflowers & vegetation. The call of the cardinal, chickadee & titmouse remind us that there is life in the woods amid the stillness of the dormant meadow grasses. Remind yourself to look about for the natural sculptures nature has created and find that peaceful time to reflect, to renew your spirit, take some time off and relax and await the warm winds of spring to return.

                                 November's New England Aster

                                         Wild Roses of November

                                 Elegance of Queen Anne's Lace

                                             Wetlands Wildflower

                                      Northern Cardinal - Female

                                             Tufted Titmouse

                                       Black Capped Chickadee

                                         Beauty of a Simple Leaf

                                    November Forest Collage

Enjoy November, a beautiful month with an ever changing landscape. Get out take that walk in the woods and breathe in the quietness of the earth and subdued beauty of autumn. Have a Happy Thanksgiving ~ Janet  


Beverly said...

Beautiful post and photos, Janet!

dAwN said...

Beautious, soulful photos! A wonderful time of year.

Karen said...

So poetic. Now I now where Sarah gets it. Very lovely this time of year.

nina kuriloff said...

Fantastic photographs!

Sus said...

Great work!

Birding is Fun! said...

Very nice!

Kerri said...

Excellent post my friend!!

Julie G. said...

A most lovely post, Janet! Stunning photos and beautiful sentiments. A joy to view your blog!