Friday, January 4, 2008

2008, The Year of the Common Redpoll

The new year is starting off with loads of backyard activity. Heavy snowfall, aerial hunting by a Red Tail Hawk and the appearance of a rather uncommon visitor - the Common Redpoll.

On New Year's Day, a winter storm enveloped the Detroit area with 9-12 inches of wet snow. The house windows had to be scraped (that is a first) because of the blowing wet snow, the winds caused deep drifts in the backyard, and the pine trees hung low with the heavy snow deposits. A pristine beautiful winterscape.

New Year's Day brought an array of usual birds and 13 fox squirrels to the backyard looking for food in the deep snow. Being the good birder that I am, I shoveled the area underneath the feeders so the birds and squirrels could find food. The birdfeeders had to be cleaned off so the birds could access them, and new seed refilled.

Today, also brought the appearance of the Common Redpoll to the backyard feeders. There have been numerous reports of these northern visitors to the greater Detroit area, however, I have not been able to see them in my backyard, up until today. This is a new life list bird for me. I am so thrilled to see these rare birds for the first time in my life.

That's what is happening today in the backyard, hopefully, photos of the redpoll will follow.

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